Jews in Würzburg


For about 1100 years Jews have been living in Würzburg. In the early years the Jewish community was prospering. This ascent, which continued until the second half of the 13th century, established the famous reputation of Würzburg’s “Talmud Torah” in Europe. This positive development was stopped by tragic pogroms in 1298 and 1349.

At the end of the 19th century, the Jews of Würzburg once more achieved European echelon by the rabbi Seligman Bär Bamberger: the “Würzburger Rav” was internationally famous for being a protagonist of a cosmopolitan orthodoxy.

The Shoah stroke the Jews of Würzburg very hard. 895 members of the Jewish community were murdered. The museum commemorates their names and personal life stories.

After World War II Jews successfully established a traditional Jewish infrastructure in Würzburg. With their new community center Shalom Europa, they built up the condition for a successful integration of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Republic.


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